This will provide our current pricing for your Diabetes Test Strips.
Don't Let Your Unused Diabetes Test Strips Go To Waste. Get Cash For Your Unexpired Diabetes Test Strips. We Will Pay Up To $10 For Shipping. Check Mailed To You In 2 Days. Help People Control Blood Sugar By Giving Your Unused Strips Before They Expire. Make Money While Enjoying Good Karma By Helping People.

item price
 All 50 Count Test Strips Per Box $5
 One Touch Ultra 50 Count Test Strips Per Box $7
 All 100 Count Test Strips Per Box $10
 One Touch Ultra 100 Count Test Strips Per Box $14

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Cash For Unused Diabetes Test Strips?

Unlike many other Diabetes Supplies, Diabetes Testing Supplies are always left over and Diabetes supply test strips suffer from expiration dates and that shortens their life spans and continued supplies of these test strips sometime creates an over supply of unused test strips. The real question is what you want to do with these extra unused diabetes testing supplies you cannot and will not use. Why not convert these strips into cash that you spent so much money on? You get that money back!

Send us your unused test strips and pocket the cash.

Sell Unused Diabetes Test Strips

Unlike many other unused items in your medicine cabinet you can find treasure by selling your unused, unexpired sealed boxes of diabetes test strips. Why let them expire when you can let somebody use these test strips to check their sugar levels and prevent serious medical issues and you in turn get up to $10 cash for each box of 100 strips and we will pay the shipping costs also. Dont let these strips expire and that wont help anybody.

We Pay All Your Shipping Costs.

Check Expiration Date To Make Sure The Strips Are Not Expired. (To Get Paid)
  1. Get a proper strong cardboard box.
  2. Wrap the items in bubble wrap and pack them.
  3. And finally take to your nearest U.S. Post Office or mailing center and pay for the shipping.
  4. Check Expiration Date To Make Sure The Strips Are Not Expired.

Please be sure the mailing address is correct, to avoid delays. Our mailing address is:

Deep Discount Center
7457 Harwin Dr., Ste. 394
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 975-6500

If you mail 1-5 test strip boxes we will add $7 in your check for the shipping costs, 6-12 boxes we will add $10, and 13-25 boxes we will add $20. We Guarantee That You Payment Will Be Sent Out In 2 Business Days After We Receive The Package, And That Is Our Promise To You. Thank You for Your Consideration and Trust.
Thank you for your business and trust. Again, please check that the mailing address is correct to avoid delays, and if you have any questions or concerns please call the number above.